FIBRAFLEX®, dédiée au renforcement des bétons et mortiers


These amorphous metallic fibers have specific characteristics that make them relevant to be used un several applications.

Repair mortar




  • Restoration of visitable undergrounds works (sanitation collectors)
  • Restoration of hydraulic networks and/or systems


  • Improvement of the mechanical properties of the repair layer
  • Resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals
  • Improved durability
  • Optimised hydraulic properties
  • Simple and safe to implement
Fixing Mortar

Mortiers-de scellement

Applications :

  • Sealing of roadways elements (buffers, cobbles, etc.) and street furniture (benches, panels, etc.)
  • Roadway sealings

Advantages :

  • Increased resistance to bending
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Durability provided by resistance to corrosion, de-icing salt, freeze thaw cycle
  • Resistance to thermal and mechanical fatigue
  • Rapid implementation
Precasting / UHPFRC


Applications :

  • Containers for storage of radioactive waste
  • Façade panels
  • Street furniture
  • Architectural elements
  • UHPFRC (ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete)
  • Self-compacting concrete

Advantages :

  • Durability: Resistance to corrosion
  • Improvement of mechanical properties
  • Attractiveness: Production of thin elements
  • Saves time and money: alternative to metallic wire-mesh
Paving deviant Flooring and screeds


Applications :

  • Screed for underfloor heating systems
  • Thin resetting of floors in industrial locations and private homes
  • Resistant screed to acid and freeze thaw cycle
  • Resistant screed to shear failure

Advantages :

  • Improvement of mechanical properties (resistance to bending)
  • Can be pumped over long distances
  • Increases thermal conductivity
  • Reduced withdrawal