Amorphous metallic fibre for concrete and mortars reinforcement

Due to its nature, shape and characteristics, FIBRAFLEX® allows an optimal reinforcement of concrete and mortar for various applications (repair mortars, fixing mortars, slabs and screeds, precast concrete elements, etc.).



The specific properties of FIBRAFLEX® give the concrete and mortar in which it is used many advantages. Its use saves time, money and space, thus allowing greater architectural freedom.

Made in France

Used in many fields of application, FIBRAFLEX® is produced in France by Saint-Gobain SEVA and is CE marked according to NF EN 14889-1.

The manufacturing process freezes the liquid metal in an amorphous state and thus gives the fiber, in addition to its flexibility, a very high mechanical resistance. Its excellent resistance to corrosion is also linked to the presence of chromium in the metal in its composition. This ensures not only a perfect aesthetic finish, even in aggressive environments, but also the mechanical durability of the prefabricated parts.


A Saint-Gobain brand

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